karaoke_singer_smallIs their anybody who doesn’t know what Karaoke is?
[Japanese : kara, void, empty + oke(sutora), orchestra (from English >orchestra.]

Karaoke is a form of entertainment in which an amateur singer sings along with recorded music. The music is typically from a well-known song in which the voice of the original singer is absent. Lyrics are usually displayed on a video monitor to guide the sing-along.

Since the early 1980′s, it is a popular form of entertainment beginning first in Japan. It’s appeal has spread throughout the world. Karaoke finds a nitch in nightclubs, bars, and private parties. Here in the USA however, karaoke is not considered the most appropriate choice for wedding reception entertainment.

We Provide:

Almost 30,000 songs on a computerized high fidelity sound system. WOW! Plenty of Artist & Song Title Catalog Books for guests to look through to choose their songs.

  • Microphones / Stands
  • Video Monitor

And most importantly, an experienced, talented, and charismatic professional karaoke host to really get the event underway in a fun and lively way. Once the ball gets rolling, you and your guests could be in for the time of your lives.